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“I AM happy that we are working with one of Paul Johnson’s guys”

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Wrapping up the Year

Yesterday was the last meeting of the semester and, for that matter, the year.  At the meeting, Professors Lisa Abbott and Gary Dart attended and discussed the plays that they are directing next semester.  Audition dates were also discussed and determined to be on the first Tuesday of next semester.  The group also discussed their upcoming ten minute play festival and when the submissions where due.  Any play wish to be submitted needs to be in by this Friday.  This year only ten will be chosen by a blind panel outside the group.  The judges are knowledgable about theatre but not involved with the group, thus they will not be biased.  The group also discussed the meeting time for next year.  As of last night, the meeting time for Theatre South will Tuesdays at 5:15pm in the Black Box at the Center for Art and Theatre.  The group closed with an activity and said a soulful goodbye to a successful semester.

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“This is a rough time to be a college student”

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Theatre South is going to the Rocky Top

With the closing night of “The Revenger’s Tragedy” behind them, multiple members of Theatre South will be embarking on a journey to Tennessee in February to attend the American College Theatre Festival.  The show came to an end and with it the final nominees for the festival were named.  This year Middle Tennessee State University was chosen to host the event.  Once there, students will be able to showcase their years work in the form of auditions, interviews, and displays.  This year marks a landmark as the Theatre and Performance Area of the Communication Arts Department may be invited to bring their production of “On Dragonfly Wing’s”.  If the invite goes through, even more members of the student group will be traveling out-of-state.  Right now there are over 20 actors, designers, stage managers and directors set to attend.

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“I think it’s an entertaining theme.  Better than those strange phrases they sometimes give us.”

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This past week on Wednesday, Theatre South members hosted representatives from the National Association of Schools of Theatre.  the Theatre and Performance department at GSU is trying to gain this level of accreditation in the next year or so.  Students participated in a talk back with the representatives from schools in North Dakota and South Carolina.  They ask what members of Theatre South liked about their department and what they though could change.  That night, the some of the organization sat with the reps while other performed for them in “The Revengers Tragedy”.

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“I had no idea, I hope everyone makes a full recovery.”

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Tonight several members of Theatre South will be performing in the Theatre and Performance Department’s production of “The Revenger’s Tragedy”.  The play is a freely adapted, modern version of a Jacobean tragedy by Thomas Middleton.  The play was written by a theatre professor from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro and was presented at the American College Theatre Festival.  It was there that GSU professor James Harbour saw the production and decided to create his own here in the Boro.  Nearly half the  cast  and crew of this production are active Theatre South members.  They have worked long and hard on this production and for the next week they will be able to show off their effort.  The show will also be performed for a few very important audience members.  I’ll fill you in on them soon enough.  Come see the show at the Center for Art and Theatre and 7:30pm.  The show runs until next Saturday with an afternoon performance this Sunday and no show on Monday.

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“Seems like a really nice way of raising money for a good cause.”

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Fun in panties

Last night was the 2009 performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Averitt Center for the Arts.  Theatre South members Dre Camacho, Cameron Bryce, Anna Giles, Bob Peterson and Brock Vickers participated in the performance.  The show was great fun and was produced by the Averitt Center and the Independent Arts Movement at GSU.  The event celebrated its second year at the Averitt Center and hopes to continue on for may more years to come.

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